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About A North View

Independent Rural Wisconsin News Reporter

News about rural areas is often written by people who drop in for a day or two then run back to their urban refuge. A North View is written by someone who has lived in a rural area for years and understands the value of a rural lifestyle.

While also holding a rural perspective, I’ve also lived in a city and received an extensive education in truth-telling, public policy and history. I’ve grounded myself in both sides of the urban-rural divide in Wisconsin and recognize and feel that tension day-to-day. Both areas need to hear more truth about each other and I aim to deliver those messages.

My name is Erik Pfantz and I’m from rural Northern Wisconsin. I’m trained in news production and ethics. I convey the truth to the best of my ability and am honest about who I am and where I’ve been. Hopefully you find some value here in this digital space.